MPA press release From Street_smart

MPA_From Street-smart to Web-wise March 2020(w)

Madeline Parisi & Associates LLC, (MPA) a Women Business Entity and as Principal Investigator, has developed a team including Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Instructional Designers (ID), to combine our mutual and complimentary experience in the areas of Education, Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Instructional Design, and custom designing an online interactive program designed for students at all levels K-12 – From Street-smart to Web-wise®. Through various media outlets, we are aware of the vulnerabilities that arise due to existing and emerging cyber threats. Scenario-based training is the methodology to be used to provide value, and to capture the attention of this group.

In classroom environments and in child-serving organizations, young children have access to internet-enabled devices. Classroom devices may have restricted access, but what happens when the child has free access to an internet-enabled device? Training for safe use, if any, falls to the teacher/program leader. Facilitator’s guides as well as information sheets are provided to parents, group leaders, or teachers to assist in the learning process.

A pre-consultation discussion will help you identify how our professional development services supply you with the tools and techniques you need to meet your goals and objectives. From facilitating the initial meeting to developing content to training delivery, we are with you to determine the best training solution for your needs.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) are available in numerous fields and industries to develop bespoke training material and deliver in-house training, assist with Train-the-Trainer programs, and to present your specific training needs. See more information in Services.