Madeline Parisi & Associates an Illinois LLC is located in Mesa, Arizona. A global enterprise and ready to help you determine outcomes that will get you to products and services faster.

Whether you are looking for leadership development or technical content, a brainstorming meeting or a customer focus group, or trying to identify a problem or solve one, let us create a bespoke training program for you. Our goal is to help individuals, teams and organizations improve performance.

Meeting Facilitation is provided for corporate retreats, team building exercises, brainstorming, conference and meeting planning, and customer focus groups. An independent facilitator guides your meeting and provides a safe, open and respectful environment for discussion.

Content Development provides a collaborative approach to the design and development of your material, program or event. With an eye to strategic goals and tactical operations, your content is developed to increase customer –internal or external – satisfaction and to maximize your financial goals.

Training and Delivery provides the opportunity for your organizational goals to be achieved through the development and delivery of content-specific material.

Madeline brings extensive knowledge and skills from experience in various industries including financial and credit management, law firm management, and IT audit, security, risk and governance. Madeline earned her Master’s degree in Adult Education from National Louis University while working in the field. This program, designed to assess, develop and deliver training to adult professionals along with her professional experience, provides the pragmatic basis for her style and development expertise.

Madeline Parisi & Associates has access to facilitators and trainers across the world and in all industries and disciplines to ensure your need is professionally sourced.

For more information about facilitating your next meeting or developing a training program:

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