In today’s globally connected world, training and awareness in the proactive protection of one’s private data, is necessary as well as essential. Our goal is to develop internal corporate training programs in cyber security and risk mitigation.

As training is needed at an increasingly younger age, talk with MPA about the development of a program or curriculum that is focused on creating awareness and teaching young children about online, Internet-focused privacy. From Street-smart to Web-wise®: An Internet Safety Program for Children’s (Street-smart) goal is to develop a safety training program applicable to schools and child-serving agencies.  Scenario-based training is the methodology used to provide value and to capture the attention of each age group. The scenarios take an objective-based approach that is adaptive to a wide range of education and age levels.

pre-consultation discussion will help you identify how our professional development services supply you with the tools and techniques you need to meet your goals and objectives. From facilitating the initial meeting to developing content to training delivery, we are with you to determine the best training solution for your needs.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) in numerous fields and industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Privacy
  • Privacy in Healthcare
  • Business Resilience (including planning, mitigating risk, testing, recovery)
  • Risk Management – Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC)
  • LeadershipThe goal for From Street-smart to Web-wise®: A Safety for Children (Street-smart) is twofold. To develop a safety training program applicable to schools and child-serving agencies
  • Ethics
  • Data Analytics
  • IT Audit and Assurance

Meeting Facilitation is provided for corporate retreats, team building exercises, brainstorming, conference and meeting planning, and customer focus groups. We supply an independent facilitator to guide your meeting and provide a safe environment for discussion.  MORE

Content Development provides a collaborative approach to the design and development of your material, program or event. With an eye to the strategic goals and tactical operations, your content is developed to increase customer satisfaction – whether internal or external and to maximize your financial goals. MORE

Training and Delivery
Training and Delivery provides the opportunity for your organizational goals to be achieved through the development and delivery of content-specific material.  MORE