Madeline Parisi & Associates LLC | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the ideal meeting facilitation group size?

Strategically positioned with access to qualified and independent facilitators, groups of all sizes are accommodated. For a single facilitator, 10-20 is recommended. Large groups may be broken into smaller interactive groups using additional facilitators. The group size, format and tools are discussed and determined during the pre-consultation phase.

What types of group tools and group tasks are utilized?

It depends! The tools and tasks or exercises utilized during the facilitation process is determined by the purpose of the meeting. A company retreat, leadership meeting, brainstorming session, customer focus group or program planning meeting all have different goals and outcomes. Once the facilitation need is determined, the tools and tasks are outlined.

Here is a sampling of the pre-consultation process used to develop the facilitation plan and ascertain the appropriate tools and tasks.

  • Define the purpose of the meeting …solve a problem, brainstorm and generate ideas, customer focus group?
  • Understand the background – Why does this need exist?
  • Identify who are the participants – Internal and external
  • Present ideas for exercises and activities
  • Review the facilitation location – does the right climate exist to generate the discussion and outcomes?

What other services are provided?

With the same dedication to facilitation services, content development and training development and delivery services are available. Utilizing global resources from nearly 30 years in education and learning development, content developers and trainers are available to create a customized program for you. We are there to help you think through various training solutions and create the one that is right for your business needs.

What content areas are available?

Developers and trainers are available to provide guidance in developing or managing a UAS Commercial Program, and in leadership development and productivity, honing negotiation skills, law firm/office management, technical content such as IT audit, security and risk management, ethics, and privacy. A customized, or bespoke, training program will be developed to meet your business goals and objectives.

What locations are served?

With access to trainers and facilitators across the world, we are able to serve most locations.

What are the fees charged for the services?

Fees are based on the project scope and the number of facilitators or trainers required in order to manage your project thoroughly and to generate the best outcomes. Fees and expenses are determined after the initial pre-consultation call and is part of the written agreement. There is never a fee for the first consultation.