About Us

Madeline Parisi & Associates LLC (MPA) is a global provider of employee training and written training material to help individuals and teams improve performance and organizations increase ROI. We build pragmatic solutions to help you determine goals and outcomes that will impact retention and customer service, and that align tactical and strategic objectives.

At MPA we utilize interactive cases and activities, such as tabletop exercises, for a pragmatic learning experience. Extensive training material includes content training manuals, needs assessment analysis and reporting; instructional design and curriculum development; and meeting facilitation. Specialized content areas include – ESG, Ethics, Data Analytics, Strategic Planning, IT Audit and Assurance, Cyber Security/Forensics, Business Resilience, Risk Management. Madeline Parisi has developed a core team of business professional subject matter experts (SMEs) and strategic partners who bring years of successful experience to every project.

As global providers of research and education we are leading the development of ESG training content.

Madeline guided a task force in 2005-2006 in the development of a Diversity Toolkit for law firms to use as a channel to assist in awareness and in implementing diversity initiatives in legal organizations. That was just the beginning. Today this continues in the DEIAJ work that is performed as part of the Social pillar in ESG.

MPA is the Co-developer of From Street-smart to Web-wise®, a security training program for K-12.

Extensive experience working with multi-functional teams at all levels. Whether facilitating a C-Suite meeting, developing content or delivering training, Madeline and her team provides an engaging learning experience. “Who says we can’t enjoy the process?”

There are many ways Madeline Parisi & Associates can help you benefit from our broad network and experience.
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Madeline Parisi & Associates LLC is a Women Owned Business (WBE)