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UAS Audit Terms+Definitions

This comprehensive guide provides a concise directory of terms used in the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) environment along with each definition. Unsure what is the difference between a drone, an unmanned aircraft, an unmanned aircraft system, and an unmanned aircraft vehicle? More industries, (think realtors, photography firms, construction companies, municipalities) are moving to incorporating a UAS program as part of the business strategy. If you have been looking for a better understanding of the terminology in this growing field, download this FREE Terms & Definitions Guide.

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UAS Audit Checklist

This unique document provides over 270 questions, categorized by functional areas, for discussion and review when considering a commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program.

Audit checklists have routinely been developed to provide a systematic approach to the audit of an organization’s operations. This checklist is designed to assist the auditor, risk manager, compliance officer and UAS operations manager in the audit and assessment of an organization’s UAS operations and various functional areas.

Designed to identify specific items within each functional area, this distinctive audit checklist is consistent with the applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation or standard. An organization’s failure to comply with the applicable regulation or standard should be considered non-conformance.  All non-conformances should be reported to the appropriate organization management via established company policies.

Although not intended to be all-inclusive, this UAS audit checklist along with resources, such as but, not limited to, Federal Aviation Administration regulations, pre-flight safety checklists, aircraft manufacturers’ approved flight manual, other organization guidelines, etc. should be used to assure the performance of a comprehensive UAS audit.

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UAS Assessing Risk White Paper

The commercial use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology is becoming increasingly mainstream. For an organization considering adopting UAS technology or currently operating a UAS platform, there are many risk and compliance factors that must be considered.

This White Paper takes an internal audit approach to addressing the risks associated with UAS utilization in a commercial environment, and assessing organizational preparedness. Readers will be guided through the steps necessary to establish and manage an organization’s UAS program.

With over 40 pages of information, The White Paper, when used in conjunction with the UAS Checklist will identify and raise many critical questions that an enterprise must address when implementing and then managing a UAS program.

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UAS Operations Manual Template

The information included in an organization’s UAS OM, should enable the organization’s UAS flight team members and management to safely, legally, effectively and efficiently operate and manage, day-to-day UAS activities associated with accomplishing the organization’s strategic use of a UAV platform.

Have you started or are considering a commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program? Have you considered how to manage your UAS program? This template provides guidance and is an example of areas that should be considered in operating an UAS platform. The template, which is not intended to be all-inclusive, offers you a basis to customize an internal Operations Manual (OM).

Additional resources, such as but, not limited to, Federal Aviation Administration regulations, pre-flight safety checklists, aircraft manufacturers’ approved flight manual, other organization policies, procedures, guidelines, forms, documents, etc. should be used to customize and develop an organization’s own, internal UAS operations manual.

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Bundle: Checklist, Operations Manual & White Paper

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Interest-based Leadership, An Essential Skill

The Interest-based approach described here has been a significant technology both in helping the major parties, who are either parties to a negotiation, or managers and their employees, deal constructively with each other, and in working with managers to develop participative environments.

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