UAS Audit Checklist

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This unique document provides over 270 questions, categorized by functional areas, for discussion and review when considering a commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program.

Audit checklists have routinely been developed to provide a systematic approach to the audit of an organization’s operations. This checklist is designed to assist the auditor, risk manager, compliance officer and UAS operations manager in the audit and assessment of an organization’s UAS operations and various functional areas.

Designed to identify specific items within each functional area, this distinctive audit checklist is consistent with the applicable Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation or standard. An organization’s failure to comply with the applicable regulation or standard should be considered non-conformance.  All non-conformances should be reported to the appropriate organization management via established company policies.

Although not intended to be all-inclusive, this UAS audit checklist along with resources, such as but, not limited to, Federal Aviation Administration regulations, pre-flight safety checklists, aircraft manufacturers’ approved flight manual, other organization guidelines, etc. should be used to assure the performance of a comprehensive UAS audit.

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