Madeline Parisi & Associates LLC


Do you feel like you spend your time herding cats?

Need an authoritative tool to help you determine outcomes that get to products and services faster?

Unsure how to develop a strategic approach to your business plan?

Looking for fractional leadership in specific areas of your business?

Are you utilizing the diversity within your teams to foster discussion and generate ideas?

Starting with a needs assessment, or discovery process, we establish goals and objectives, which drive the training program.

Madeline Parisi has developed a core team of business professional subject matter experts (SMEs) who bring years of successful experience to every project.  Look to a professional meeting facilitator to help guide the process and for an open and respectful process.

Access to facilitators and trainers is always available to ensure your need is professionally sourced. Additional services including content development and training delivery are available. We travel to clients around the world.

Chicago area businesses have the added benefit of working with Harper College for Business (Palatine, IL) – another tool available for training delivery  through Madeline Parisi & Associates.

Madeline Parisi & Associates LLC is a Women Owned Business (WBE)